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Galveston Causeway Railroad Bridge

Scope: Roll-On, load-in and set of new Galveston Causeway Railroad Bridge. Bridge Specifications: 400'L x 23'W x 60'H x 1600 tons Challenges: Safety, weather conditions, tidal conditions, size and weight of load, extremely tight schedule Equipment: SPMTs, ocean barge, winches

3 Vessels

BSET Upend and Set (3) Vessels - 450 Tons

Roll Off of Twin H2S Absorbers

Roll off of 238'L x 21'W x 21'H x 1,500,000 lbs. Absorbers Challenges: Weather, Site Conditions, Size, Weight Equipment: SPMT

800 Ton Absorber

BSET Upend and Set 800 Ton Absorber

Petrochemical Refinery Module Transport

Challenges: Safety, extreme transport heights on city streets, existing utility infrastructure Equipment: SPMT